soft voices music

小さな声=soft voicesの文化を綴るブログ

しあわせの景色/ The scenery of happiness



Among the Christmas-themed songs, there are various pieces that portray a big world with a small voice. A small voice is perceived differently in different times, but in this day and age, I feel that oldies, Motown, and American pop dance numbers can also be considered small sounds. I don't have a definition, but perhaps music that has a dream for the future might be a small sound. It is not marketing or vision, it does not matter the persona of the listener or the time period, the music that is there sounding pleasant has a future that no one can predict or assume, and it becomes "the future" only when it comes to visit. Like a Christmas present received from a loved one.

Listening to Phil Spector's Christmas album, I imagine a city when Japan was still a land of small voices. It was a time of rapid economic growth, yet people were connected with each other in a humane way. The sounds of the city were festive and lively at Christmas, but never too loud. It is said that young people are now seeking the culture of the Showa period, but they are not looking for the Showa period, they are looking for the scenery of happiness that existed in this country in the past.